Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Honey Honey Honey

Ensenada Cruise 2009!

But first, lets start from before the cruise..

Cops: "Oh hey guys lets wave our fleshlights around and stall traffic"

The drive was worth the wait
I'm hungry just looking at those tostadas.. BOMB.COM

The cruise was fun, especially with friends and family
Memorable moments: Joseph failing at drinking games, Club Rex, Madden, etc.

The cruise had a lot of art, what do you think?:

Here are some pictures of the stop in Ensenada:

Animal pieces, shit, a Viagra house,
twisted bottles and giant boxing gloves.

Also bought a nice shot glass back,
the group bought 5 of the same ones..

Back on the cruise, we mostly went to the casino and lost money
at least the food was good.. really good at times too:

Just some of the food are shown
If you've ever been on a cruise, you know it's all about eating
I literally ate every hour, gaining 10 lbs by the end of the trip

Housecleaning made different animals with towels every morning!


Good times with great friends!

Then, the cruise was over so I cooked:

Triple berry tart by Karen
Grilled spicy sesame shrimp on top of bbq chicken pizza by me


Soft Lipa (蛋堡) - Lotion (收斂水) "Needa relax? play this songgg" Asian but the beat is sickk

Thursday, December 17, 2009

October, Novemeber, December

3 months of adventures, deleted most but kept some pics
here's some of what happened in the past three months

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf corporate training:
First week was great then it went downhill

Fast forwarding a bit

Outdated tech.. piled up in the back

The two guidos

Some food:
Thanksgving Potluck #1

Thanksgiving Potluck #2

Some random pictures of homemade food except the first pic
Last picture: Guacamole made with pastrami & grilled onions

Snowboarding was great, ended up sore all over

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