Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Identity Theft

No, I didn't get raptured and I'm still here like everyone else, but I've been busy dealing with identity theft that was caused by my shady apartment. My roommate, his mom, and I all have to deal with this one idiot who stole our identity and is constantly trying to apply for credit with our information. I have a 7 year fraud alert on all three credit agencies but the guy somehow managed to change my cellphone number to his so that whenever a company would call to verify that I actually applied for the credit card, he would answer and say yes. His address is at 2489 Davidson Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92405-3013. He goes by "Latin Casper" and his email address is: latincasper0111@verizon.net. His password he used to make an account with my information was: Antunez01.. Have fun with it

In the meantime, I'll be dealing with all this shit so bare with me and stay tuned

UPDATE: Someone asked how it happened.. well living at a shitty apartment near school, that's what happened. Because apartments have all your private information on file, make sure the manager isn't old (the one here was like 65). Then what happened was that she hired a bunch of young teenagers to help her. Obviously someone was stealing information out of the apartment. Anyways, thanks for the help people.. I'll be doing my own homework but we all know we can't talk about tha

UPDATE: His email's password is: antunez01.. email is latincasper0111@verizon.net, got in and found out his primary email address is: arcodude01@aol.com, which links to this facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000819827048 George Parga, if you can't get into his verizon, his secret password to his question (What's your first pets name?) is Honey. Him and his boyfriend's tattoo states that he's from a San Bernardino gang called Verdugo's

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture Jesus

Tomorrow Morning, 5/21/2011, Rapture Day

So apparently the Rapture is tomorrow (5/21/2011). Does anyone actually believe it'll happen?  I'm curious as to see who does. You're all entitled to your opinion but if you actually believe the Rapture is coming, please do the following: 

I, myself, used to be a Christian when I was younger. I was kind of forced (by my mother) to become one as many Christians my generation are too. As I grew older I noticed many holes and realized that the Bible is just a really, really, long book. Some parts are written beautifully, some are too absurd to be true. The debate of religion continues on and on, but I guess we'll see if the Christians are right tomorrow. I was an atheist for the longest time, and I might still be OR I might just be agnostic. I studied almost every religion and realized each one does have its truths. Every religion starts as a cult, who knows 100 years from now Scientology might actually become an established religion. One question that was never answered to me that I'm curious about: If God is good and Satan is evil, why is Satan evil is he condemns the evil? Why is it that in the bible, Satan does not kill a single person (while God kills hundreds of thousands). Here's a quote to think about "Satan is the best friend that the church has ever had. For he has kept it in business all these years." 

Enough of that.. I want to share with you guys a simple fusion recipe I made one late night when I was hungry. The ingredients are as follows: Hummus (preferably garlic or red peppers), Garlic Naan, and Sausage (Portuguese, Hawaiian, Kielbasa, Bratwurst, whatever you're feeling).

Just BBQ the sausage (George Foreman it up), toast the Garlic Naan, spread the Hummus all over the Naan and wrap the sausage in it. "Pigs in a Blanket on Steroids" I'd call it. If you don't have any sausage just get the Hebrew National Hotdogs from Costco (in fact, I got all these ingredients there). If you got time, grill some onions & peppers and shove it in there. Add mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish or any other condiment you're feeling. Trust me, you're in for an orgasm in your mouth.

Here's the song(s) of the day by one of my favorite experimentalists:
Nosaj Thing - Dj set (Live on KEXP)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


A twist on a classic

Wow, I didn't expect so many people to be anticipating my comeback.. it feels great. I'm not sure who exactly reads my blog though so just leave a note to let me know if you're be a dedicated follower (I'll do the same). Just an easier way to sift out who's actually following my blog ;)

For those that have been keeping up with my entries.. you know I'm a sucker for food (might I add.. BOMB food). While I've been gone for almost 2-3 years, I've experienced some of the best foods in the world. Sadly, my droid phone is dead and I currently don't have a camera. I managed to save a couple of great pictures (not just food) on my hard drive so I'll be uploading them for your enjoyment. Let me know what your favorite foods are.. here's a couple of Asian and Asian fusion you should all try

From top to bottom: Mixed spicy bowl (tuna, salmon, yellowtail), Scallop taco, Dos Chino's breakfast taco, a quick collage of my favorite foods at the moment (predominately Asian--sushi, tempura, pho, dim sum, shark fin soup, steak for the hell of it), and lastly a lobster my scuba diving crew caught when it was lobster season a couple months back

Since this blog was mostly about Asian cuisine, I felt like giving a tribute to Jun Seba (Nujabes) who created some super chill beats.. for those that don't know him make sure you check out some of his tracks.

I'll try to update regularly but like my last post said.. finals are coming up. Less than a month before graduation.. should I walk?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



I've almost completely forgot how to use this site..

No worries, once I'm done with finals (less than a month), I'll be able to write full blog entries once again with enticing food for you all ;) In the meantime, I'll be posting short posts like this for my loyal followers.