Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Been A While..

Biking back from campus around 6:30 pm, weather was acting up

It's been a longass time since I've blogged but its been caused by many issues:
- My harddrive got wiped clean about 5 times this year
- I'm STILL taking pics with my phone (holds about 15 pics only)
- Lack of interest in blogging, due to other more important shit
- I didn't know (and still don't) know how to watermark on Gimp or CS5, but I had some time today to individually mark each pic on Paint

Regardless of these lame excuses,
I'll try to update at least once every month

Let's start off with some ART:

These are just a couple of art pieces from H.U. Art

Josh's grandparent's house, every part of the house is decorated so oldschool & unlike any other place today

Yelp was holding a Lil Tokyo event where all these bomb places (peep pics below) had huge discounts for a week. H.U. Art had a 12% off any art piece. These three were some of the more interesting ones (but honestly they were all interesting). These just happened to match my taste, but the cool thing is they swap art pieces on and off all the time. Many big name urban artists work featured here too.


Kushi, Chado, TP, West Hollywood Halloween Festival


AYCE Kobe Beef $35 (Ate 7 plates), Tea Snack Trio, Sashimi Snacker (Homemade & Bomb), Ranch 1 Fajita Combo (1st one on West Coast yayuh!), Shrimp Snacker (Homemade & Bomb), Salmon Fried Rice w/ Masago salted Egg, Sausage w/ Grilled Mushrom & Onion Medley (Homemade.. not so bomb), Brain Masala at the local Indian store, some Chocolate cake from the 626, Homemade Blueberry & White Chocolate Scones by Karen (Super Bomb)!


Mt. Baldy with some friends

Dland for Halloween/Christmas

Matt & Rehana's Halloween Kickback

West Hollywood Halloween Festival with the Cows

And so.. Winter begins and a new perspective of beauty occurs
while our original perspective of beauty slowly withers away

Winter Track: Daft Punk - Something About Us