Monday, December 29, 2008


MONDAY.. it is gonna be a good day.. a fresh new start i hope

i ate my last junk food today (1 spicy chicken, 2 double cheeseburgers) at Burger King.. filthy nasty!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday the 27th of December

hello everyone.. went to LA today at around 10
gave gifts to Mari and we went to go eat at some pizza joint on Hollywood street
I wish we couldve walked around but there was no parking.. oh I parked on the streets illegally
so we were paranoid about getting a ticket or getting towed.. Mari wanted me to get my top left eyebrow pierced.. gotta think about it! her dog is crazy.. wish I had pics

I can't wait for 09..

Thursday, December 25, 2008



woke up at 1 today and ate some food from mama with fam.. it was simple but its awwwright cuz dinner was bomb! Hotpot with all the kobe beef you want.. and fresh live lobster! Sashimi and boiled in the hotpot! YUM YUM

KL is having a 24 hour sale today.. I hate KL but with a 60% discount? damn.. so I got a nice gift for her (future special lady) anyways.. I spent alot on shirts this month.. but I normally don't shop at all.. it was only cuz things were 50 - 70% off and I couldn't help but to buy shirts that were $6 - $15!

Watched two movies today.. The Fountain and some of Fight Club.. watch The Fountain.. if you don't get it at first watch it over and over again till you do.. I promise the message of the movie is worth your time.

Andrew called me up at 11 today asking me to pick him and Suyen up cuz he didn't have a car.. did that and they asked if I wanted to drink.. I couldn't cuz I had plans tonight.. what are those plans? just some personal shit.. its 11:40.. gotta start soon!

Ketsumeishi - Tomodachi


it's technically Christmas (4:30 am). What did I do during Christmas Eve? hmm.. waste my life. I literally didn't do jack shit today. My back became so sore from sitting in front of the laptop continuously for hours. Today was the third day I watched Fight Club on G4. I never get tired of Fight Club. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite movie.. among The Fountain.. Gladiator.. and some others. So I woke up at 1 today and for lunch.. me, my bro and my dad ate chili dogs.. damn I realized that everything has MSG.

I tried to begin working out today. The most important thing about working out is warming up beforehand and stretching. I couldn't even warmup with my jumprope cuz I don't have the adjustor.. I don't know where it is. So I tried running as a warmup.. and I guess my old machine is breaking down because it keeps stopping after I start running really fast (8mph).. so I kept it at 6 - 7 mph. I got tired way too fast.. after .4 miles I couldn't continue and got off. Damn I need to get back in shape FAST..

Anyways.. I ended up doing only pushups today and I was energy-less after.. I did 3 sets of 30 which isn't alot at all.. and I ended up lying on my couch feeling like shit. Hmm anyways I realized alot of things today.. gotta remember all of it

I have to stop sleeping this late every night.. I end up watching Adult Swim till 5 every night.. that's bad. Oh today I was on a forum and some Chinese guy was saying how he hates Asians and all that.. hes an ABC and he thinks that Asians are materialistic and all that stupid shit. Well I think he's an idiot for thinkin that way and got whitewashed into believing Americans are #1. I could go on forever arguing about what he said about Asians and how us "chinks" are the worst in the world but that would be pointless and a waste of time. Damn my back is hurting again.. I need to be more efficient and make better use of my time..


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 2

Hello! so I woke up at 1 today (I slept at 6 last night) and I felt really shitty. I really didn't do much today except go grocery shopping with my bro and make my own dinner. I didn't take any MMS in the morning but I'm about to take 9 drops now. I decided to push back my workout schedule a day or two but its really hard when you don't have a gym and the right equipment. I wish I could at least jump rope for 15 minutes a day but I can't find my jump rope adjuster. Its currently 12:15.. what was my highlight for the day.. nothing really special but I received this shirt I ordered for only 3 bucks shipped.. and its really nice.. check out Lore Clothing and their shirt "Thy Kingdom" on their website. I received a bunch of other clothes yesterday too.. I'm waiting on 2 more shipments to come in.. my left foot needs to be healed! Last night I was walking into my mothers room to get something and it was dark and the heater (quite big) fell on my left foot and there's a big bump now.. veins were ruptured.. but it'll heal. I was supposed to hang out with Mari N. today but we'll find another time to hang out.

Christmas is coming up soon.. I haven't gotten anyone except one person a gift. I already got my dad a gift.. I couldn't find my mom a gift (I wonder if I could make something at the last minute) and my brother's gift ended up being "out of stock" after I placed the order so that sucks. Today at the store I bought this green tea Popsicle fruit bar.. its really chewy and gooey but its yummy! It's korean.. and its called "Ah Cha Ga Bar" weird but definitely yummy.. Kevin Y. came over today to pick up something for his mom and stayed for a bit to hang out.. I'll be goin to South Coast Plaza tomorrow with Kevin L. I think I'll be driving..

Gas is going back up again. I don't understand why it is but thanks OPEC! Other news.. kinda old but GM got about 16 billion in funds taken from the banks bailout money. Not as much as they needed but enough to last them for about 6 - 12 months (my opinion). Would people really buy GM if they were bailed out? Americans can't make cars.. I say let Darwinism take its place

My blogs will start to get more interesting and fun as time goes on. For example.. written better.. pics and videos will be on here.. but for now.. this will be all. Time to.. drink my MMS.. and do a light workout.. hopefully run a bit to stretch then work on chests (aiming for the TD workout).

I hope tomorrow will be fun.. hmm.. that is all for today

Monday, December 22, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! Today my brother turns 17, and what is he doing on his birthday? Taking his license test. He got his new car yesterday (09 Honda Civic EX) and I guess he's pretty satisfied with it.. well I'm not sure where he is but when I see him I'll tell him Happy Birthday.

I woke up exactly at 10 am this morning. I woke up earlier but I decided not to get out of bed because it was raining and was way too cold. So I get up, and put on a jacket and drank my MMS (9 drops). Right after I felt dizzy but it's alright.. I then sat down and started watching First Sunday on TV and decided to create this blog to document my every day.. because some crazy stuff does happen to me at random times. Now I'm toasting my breakfast (asian hotdog cheese bun) and defrosting my lunch for later on. The dog (Tegra) is next to me right now.. I wonder what dogs think about all day long. Well, Ill continue this later..

The MMS solution has made me dizzy and continually go back and forth to the restroom.. but it's all good ;] I ended up falling asleep from the dizziness and waking up shortly after. Winter break is almost over and I don't think I accomplished anything yet. Dinner time rolled around and I looked on yelp to find a nice Italian restaurant around the area.. I found a place called Andolinas in Azusa but when we got there it was closed.. so we ended up going to Johnny Carinos. Damn we ordered alot.. ALOT ALOT but it was my brother's birthday.. the waiter seemed to take forever attending to us too.. After we finished dinner we went home and sang for my brother and ate cake.. ill include a picture of the cake as soon as I upload it on the computer.. it was pretty good but there were two layers that had a very weird texture.. like rough spongy

After dinner I ended up wasting time.. till now.. 5 am in the morning hmm.. I was supposed to follow a strict workout plan too.. damn time for a change