Thursday, December 25, 2008


it's technically Christmas (4:30 am). What did I do during Christmas Eve? hmm.. waste my life. I literally didn't do jack shit today. My back became so sore from sitting in front of the laptop continuously for hours. Today was the third day I watched Fight Club on G4. I never get tired of Fight Club. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite movie.. among The Fountain.. Gladiator.. and some others. So I woke up at 1 today and for lunch.. me, my bro and my dad ate chili dogs.. damn I realized that everything has MSG.

I tried to begin working out today. The most important thing about working out is warming up beforehand and stretching. I couldn't even warmup with my jumprope cuz I don't have the adjustor.. I don't know where it is. So I tried running as a warmup.. and I guess my old machine is breaking down because it keeps stopping after I start running really fast (8mph).. so I kept it at 6 - 7 mph. I got tired way too fast.. after .4 miles I couldn't continue and got off. Damn I need to get back in shape FAST..

Anyways.. I ended up doing only pushups today and I was energy-less after.. I did 3 sets of 30 which isn't alot at all.. and I ended up lying on my couch feeling like shit. Hmm anyways I realized alot of things today.. gotta remember all of it

I have to stop sleeping this late every night.. I end up watching Adult Swim till 5 every night.. that's bad. Oh today I was on a forum and some Chinese guy was saying how he hates Asians and all that.. hes an ABC and he thinks that Asians are materialistic and all that stupid shit. Well I think he's an idiot for thinkin that way and got whitewashed into believing Americans are #1. I could go on forever arguing about what he said about Asians and how us "chinks" are the worst in the world but that would be pointless and a waste of time. Damn my back is hurting again.. I need to be more efficient and make better use of my time..


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