Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 2

Hello! so I woke up at 1 today (I slept at 6 last night) and I felt really shitty. I really didn't do much today except go grocery shopping with my bro and make my own dinner. I didn't take any MMS in the morning but I'm about to take 9 drops now. I decided to push back my workout schedule a day or two but its really hard when you don't have a gym and the right equipment. I wish I could at least jump rope for 15 minutes a day but I can't find my jump rope adjuster. Its currently 12:15.. what was my highlight for the day.. nothing really special but I received this shirt I ordered for only 3 bucks shipped.. and its really nice.. check out Lore Clothing and their shirt "Thy Kingdom" on their website. I received a bunch of other clothes yesterday too.. I'm waiting on 2 more shipments to come in.. my left foot needs to be healed! Last night I was walking into my mothers room to get something and it was dark and the heater (quite big) fell on my left foot and there's a big bump now.. veins were ruptured.. but it'll heal. I was supposed to hang out with Mari N. today but we'll find another time to hang out.

Christmas is coming up soon.. I haven't gotten anyone except one person a gift. I already got my dad a gift.. I couldn't find my mom a gift (I wonder if I could make something at the last minute) and my brother's gift ended up being "out of stock" after I placed the order so that sucks. Today at the store I bought this green tea Popsicle fruit bar.. its really chewy and gooey but its yummy! It's korean.. and its called "Ah Cha Ga Bar" weird but definitely yummy.. Kevin Y. came over today to pick up something for his mom and stayed for a bit to hang out.. I'll be goin to South Coast Plaza tomorrow with Kevin L. I think I'll be driving..

Gas is going back up again. I don't understand why it is but thanks OPEC! Other news.. kinda old but GM got about 16 billion in funds taken from the banks bailout money. Not as much as they needed but enough to last them for about 6 - 12 months (my opinion). Would people really buy GM if they were bailed out? Americans can't make cars.. I say let Darwinism take its place

My blogs will start to get more interesting and fun as time goes on. For example.. written better.. pics and videos will be on here.. but for now.. this will be all. Time to.. drink my MMS.. and do a light workout.. hopefully run a bit to stretch then work on chests (aiming for the TD workout).

I hope tomorrow will be fun.. hmm.. that is all for today

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