Monday, December 22, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! Today my brother turns 17, and what is he doing on his birthday? Taking his license test. He got his new car yesterday (09 Honda Civic EX) and I guess he's pretty satisfied with it.. well I'm not sure where he is but when I see him I'll tell him Happy Birthday.

I woke up exactly at 10 am this morning. I woke up earlier but I decided not to get out of bed because it was raining and was way too cold. So I get up, and put on a jacket and drank my MMS (9 drops). Right after I felt dizzy but it's alright.. I then sat down and started watching First Sunday on TV and decided to create this blog to document my every day.. because some crazy stuff does happen to me at random times. Now I'm toasting my breakfast (asian hotdog cheese bun) and defrosting my lunch for later on. The dog (Tegra) is next to me right now.. I wonder what dogs think about all day long. Well, Ill continue this later..

The MMS solution has made me dizzy and continually go back and forth to the restroom.. but it's all good ;] I ended up falling asleep from the dizziness and waking up shortly after. Winter break is almost over and I don't think I accomplished anything yet. Dinner time rolled around and I looked on yelp to find a nice Italian restaurant around the area.. I found a place called Andolinas in Azusa but when we got there it was closed.. so we ended up going to Johnny Carinos. Damn we ordered alot.. ALOT ALOT but it was my brother's birthday.. the waiter seemed to take forever attending to us too.. After we finished dinner we went home and sang for my brother and ate cake.. ill include a picture of the cake as soon as I upload it on the computer.. it was pretty good but there were two layers that had a very weird texture.. like rough spongy

After dinner I ended up wasting time.. till now.. 5 am in the morning hmm.. I was supposed to follow a strict workout plan too.. damn time for a change

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