Thursday, December 25, 2008



woke up at 1 today and ate some food from mama with fam.. it was simple but its awwwright cuz dinner was bomb! Hotpot with all the kobe beef you want.. and fresh live lobster! Sashimi and boiled in the hotpot! YUM YUM

KL is having a 24 hour sale today.. I hate KL but with a 60% discount? damn.. so I got a nice gift for her (future special lady) anyways.. I spent alot on shirts this month.. but I normally don't shop at all.. it was only cuz things were 50 - 70% off and I couldn't help but to buy shirts that were $6 - $15!

Watched two movies today.. The Fountain and some of Fight Club.. watch The Fountain.. if you don't get it at first watch it over and over again till you do.. I promise the message of the movie is worth your time.

Andrew called me up at 11 today asking me to pick him and Suyen up cuz he didn't have a car.. did that and they asked if I wanted to drink.. I couldn't cuz I had plans tonight.. what are those plans? just some personal shit.. its 11:40.. gotta start soon!

Ketsumeishi - Tomodachi

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