Sunday, February 8, 2009


Its been raining alot lately, and its colddd..

I've been feeling down lately but it'll all get better after I finish my Accounting midterm on Tuesday.. I hope I did well on my Psych midterm on Friday.. I only studied 2 hours because I overslept blah

what have I been doing lately.. not much but let my pictures explain everything to you

lets start off with my front license plate.. its my birthday! 9/22/89 hopefully cops won't pull me over

my shower curtains I got from Target.. they were discounted and I liked the designs ;]

Writer's Week.. damn I'm such a nerd.. Michelle Latolai from UCI came over.. famous for her book "Even Now", which was her first book

WCIII it was 3 v 3 then mike (top left smallest laptop) went out to buy one too, mines the biggest one in the top right

DG's HUGE HUGE SALE! Everything was $10, including some puffy jackets.. I couldn't get those though cuz they were purple and I can't rock that. Instead I got this awesome sweater from OneTrueSaxon.. It's odd because the brands based in England. DG said it was a sample or something.. but damn the materials nice.. keeps me warm.. and no one else got it puwhaha


Favorite local mexican food restaraunt - Los Jilbertos!

Nate and David deciding what to get.

HOMEMADE PHO! I was craving pho the whole week because pho is BOMB when its raining.. my mom made me some pho when I went back on Friday and used a ton of kobe beef.. mm!

Oh, my mom also bought me this lemon cake from JJ Bakery.. I haven't had these in years


So, before I left I took my family to our favorite jap restaraunt in Chino Hills - Ojiya! We got alot of food.. here's my unagi over rice.. I put alot of spices and powder on top.. YUM!

Kobe Beef Sushi - cooked with a torch, see the red on the sides? It was delicious

Crunchy Roll & Spicy Tuna Roll, I'm getting hungry again

And to end my post off today, this is me making green tea.. in bulk. You add honey after and shake shake shake

Today's Song (you'll love this) - The A'z - Rocketship, it's an old classic that alot of people don't know about, but you'll love it.. enjoy


  1. woohoo!
    good blog post!
    big ups!

  2. yo yo! Thanks for ordering!
    I think we might've sent you a LARGE tee... shiet!
    Don't worry though, we'll hook you up! I'm gonna be out this weekend, but maybe next week, if you have time, roll through.