Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring/Summer + Mother's Day

Studying on bed w/ a rainbow & spicy tuna roll

I've been having a midterm every week for the past month. Another one coming up next Thursday (Business 106 w/ Chungy Smallz). I've been out of it, but tryin to get myself back together. I haven't been really sociable to anyone especially new people or people I'm not that close with, so I might have given off a bad impression to several people and pushed them away but oh well!

I realized I didn't have a Spring post, so here's a little part dedicated to Spring

not all that colorfull or great, but at least the chicks happy

Now for food, start w/ junk food, restaurant, homemade then dessert:

I eat way too much junk food, especially fried, cancer-causing yumminess

Beef plate from Flamebroiler & sandwich from a local bakery

Chinese food at a local restaraunt & sushi for Mother's Day

Jalapenos w/ cream cheese wrapped with bacon & a Mojito

Dessert from a Cuban bakery

During the creation of this blog post, I received a call saying that I might not be going to Taiwan, but instead Beijing, China. Not satisfied but at least I'll have fun.

Song for Spring & Summer
Evidence - Chase the Clouds Away

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