Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring/Summer + Mother's Day

Studying on bed w/ a rainbow & spicy tuna roll

I've been having a midterm every week for the past month. Another one coming up next Thursday (Business 106 w/ Chungy Smallz). I've been out of it, but tryin to get myself back together. I haven't been really sociable to anyone especially new people or people I'm not that close with, so I might have given off a bad impression to several people and pushed them away but oh well!

I realized I didn't have a Spring post, so here's a little part dedicated to Spring

not all that colorfull or great, but at least the chicks happy

Now for food, start w/ junk food, restaurant, homemade then dessert:

I eat way too much junk food, especially fried, cancer-causing yumminess

Beef plate from Flamebroiler & sandwich from a local bakery

Chinese food at a local restaraunt & sushi for Mother's Day

Jalapenos w/ cream cheese wrapped with bacon & a Mojito

Dessert from a Cuban bakery

During the creation of this blog post, I received a call saying that I might not be going to Taiwan, but instead Beijing, China. Not satisfied but at least I'll have fun.

Song for Spring & Summer
Evidence - Chase the Clouds Away

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It Was All A Dream..

"Wakin up next to a beautiful girl
Step outside to say hello to my beautiful world

Summers coming up fast.. but..
I'll be in Taiwan for the majority of the break, good or bad?

Here are some pics from the past month:
colorful caps..

3 shots of 151, one for each future roommate
Nate & I ended up making jungle juice for everyone that night
They loved it.. we didn't dare touch it ;) shh

Robert & Kevin playing with their IPhones, Robert's bike is sickk
I'll be getting a bike pretty soon, how bout electric blue rims? hah

$2.50 at Wolly World for an apparatus with a handle
$10-30 for a good quality apparatus at a sex store
Which ones better? Oh.. you can blow bubbles with the $2.50 ones
This was next to a sushi buffet, funny how you only see guys in sex
shops but the majority of products are dildos.. makes you wonder..

Foood time!
Let's start off with some cooking:
This is how I make hash browns:
olive oil, jalapeno peppers, red potatos, salt & pepper = WIN

The hash browns accommodate my dinner, which is comprised of spinach salad, and an onion bagel w/ cream cheese and a poached egg (squeeze the onion bagels together for the yolk to erupt in the middle, its satisfying.. at least to a kid like me)

Now for some outsider food:
Every time I go to Tina's, I end up spending at least $9. Here's their carne asada gordita and their shrimp ceviche tostada. The place ain't that bad, it's their health standards I'm more concerned about.

Sushi [$20 All you can eat (quantity) vs $100 fresh & fancy (quality)]
Recently, I have been craving sushi in Riverside and also it was my mother's bday (Happy Bday mom!) So, I ate tons of sushi in two places, can you tell which ones the all you can eat and which ones the expensive version?

Baked Oysters on top a bed of salt: Quality

Baked Muscles w/ tons of cream to fill you up: Quantity

Fried Calamari & Mixed Tempura: Quantity

Fried Calamari w/ slice of lemon: Quality

Some handrolls w/ sushi (tons of rice): Quantity

Yellowtail w/ Ponzu'd Jalapenos: Quality

Dynamite & Hawaiian roll: Quantity

Chilean Seabass: Quality

Tuna & Scallop: Quantity

......: Quantity

Green Tea (additional $3 for a pot): Quantity

Combination sashimi: Quality

Mother's bday icecream =)

And.. that's it!

The tea that keeps me awake & refreshed