Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Class started at 9 today and I woke up around 7:30, took a shower, put on a sweatshirt & jeans and rushed out. Since I had a class back to back in the same classroom (same room for 3 hours), I packed a banana & some Taiwanese blueberry yogurt dessert I bought over the weekend to last. So class finally ended at 12, and I was starving. In creative writing, the professor reminded all of us to get a composition book to blog and turn in at random times.

Well, I tried looking for a composition book yesterday for an hour (Staples, Walmart, Office Depot & Target) and found only "wide-ruled" comp books. I decided that I had to get a "college-ruled" comp book by today. But first, I went home and napped for four hours, I didn't even eat. When I woke up, I asked my roomie David if he wanted to go to Walgreens with me (I called ahead to make sure they had the books) and he agreed only if he got groceries on the way. Kevin called me up and after I told him what I was up to, he wanted to tag along with Francis. On the way to Walgreens, there was a bunch of traffic and it turned out to be an hour adventure. I rushed back as soon as I could and dropped off Kevin & Francis to class. I had the same class with them so I drove back, bought Rubios, and made David drop me off to class. Class dragged on till 8, walked back and went online to chat before David came back. So to cut things short, David came back, we went to get some groceries and returned.

Went to DG's site and checked out their second deal for their 10 year anniversary. Happy Anniversary guys. 50% off till 12 PM tonight. I was thinkin about gettin the FF jacket & FF "The Angel's" hat. I love FF and got almost every piece of clothing from them. But I ain't rich, so I could only get them when they're on sale. I want one of those Black & White letter jackets though, they're real legit.

Read up on MR44's blog and you know what.. I'm envious. I wish my blog was as cool as his.

Now, for some pics.. these are OLD.. cuz I don't have a digital camera yet (I don't know what's good). But I promise, I'll get a camera soon and make this blog real interesting instead of boring and long.


Infamous Wong Fu Jing road. There were alot of different "delicacies" here

"Chi-Ling" half dragon, half horse, mystical creature. It was taken at the entrance of the Empress something Heaven.. something. It's a pretty well-known tourist attraction with a huge marble ship that never could float.

Our bar! I DJ'd and bartended here, alot learned.

The best time we had, was with Turbo. When we stayed up all night at the bar then went to eat at 5 at the 24 hour dimsum.. and saw "Jay Chou" HAHA

Turbo you psycho.. fucking crazy fun times haha

damn you lil monkey! you were good at magic though, thanks for teachin me some hah
we graffitied the wall, it took us a week to do all that, and the help of customers.

most creative bar! a tree goes THROUGH the bar, it grows in between the building.

the most creative bar hands down, it was fucking awesome here.


drunk at 4 am, i look like a dumb kid, at bar Utopia

Kevin & Francis, eating at Korean BBQ buffet when I got back from Chino Land, you guys really do look like highschoolers.

krn bbq.. i missed you

Basically that was my trip from China and back. Of course a lot happened but I can't cover it all, and plus I just spent an hour on this blog

Got some new designs! Hopefully, I'll be able to write out the business plan for UP (and SP) and get things started, so I could finally show the designs. The economy sure does suck.

I'll leave you with this chill song: Eligh - Ever After

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