Thursday, January 29, 2009

Midterms all got pushed back to next week. 3 midterms (Psych. - Monday, Econ - Tuesday, Accounting - Tuesday) weekend wont be fun. I've been so busy lately so here's a short post.. some pics


bought shirt for bro durin FF's stoopid sale. Once again thanks for hookin it up guys. aww Tegra's so cute

so cute that i got her the biggest bone i could find.. look how happy she is


Went to watch Rise of the Lycans for Shawn's birthday with Joyce, Steve and Casey


Puente Hills Mall, havent been here for years.

Chinese New Years feast, the top left was a huge whole fried fish.. TM

Valentines Day is coming up.. btw this was the birthday cake for my brother. I still like the design and the taste, suits Vday well.

song of the day: 張震嶽 (A-Yue) - 秘密 (Secret)

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