Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I had a bad dream; it involved acquaintances who were at my house and told me that they didn't wanna be my friend. I didn't even know them that well, what a weird dream. I guess it meant that I was thinking too much about catering to other's needs and caring too much about what they thought of me. Honestly I don't think I've been like this, but that's how I'm gonna interpret this nasty dream. Woke up at 9:40 from ringing door bells, and literally felt like shit; my neck is killing me. Checked my email and found out EWW is having a 50% off sale. There's a ton of online retail stores, I'm not sure if their new site was successful so maybe they're throwing this sale to encourage sales? They came up at a pretty bad time though (economically stating). After 30 minutes of searching, they don't have a lot in selection, if you're a size S though, get the Rogue Status "gun show" shirt in black, you'll make a lot of heads turn, guaranteed. I would get some Fallacy of Rome shirts if they weren't so damn expensive (even after 50% off)

Rogue Status "Gun Show" Tee, $14.50

Fallacy of Rome T's, Cerberus looks pretty nice here but definitely not worth more than $15 imo. They retail for $70 (t-shirts) and $110 (sweatshirts)

New project: A-Yue album cover art
Inspired by A-Yue - Heaven

I wanna animate this and create a real nice design in black & white

Went to class at 1, got picked up by Christina, she chilled a bit at my place. I was gonna do some Accounting homework but ended up knocking out till 5, and I think I'll nap a bit more. Then get a quick bite, discussion, then homework all night!

Christina in my room drinking some fruit smoothie that roomie made. She didn't wanna take pics so this was all I could get of her.. till next time!

I like the design on this, got it for my mama cuz I love her and I know she loves Japanese sakura blossoms. Plus, it was $20, I had to get it.

Fambam! Got one of these in black, nice!

So I ended up doing Accounting homework till 11:30 and chilled with roomie till 2. Time to sleep, its 3 A.M.; class in 6 hours

A-Yue - Heaven, it starts off slow but gets better after 1:10
Song's a lot faster than the video, so don't pay attention to the video

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