Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Quarter, Week 3

Good morning everyone, it's 6:30 in the morning and I haven't slept it. Well, you know what today is, MLK x Obama Inauguration woohoo. Didn't do anything Friday or Saturday. I ended up driving back to Riverside at 6 am in the morning and knocking out. Woke up around 2 pm and made myself a lame sandwich with just mustard and stacks of meat (tasted like crap so I ended up throwing it away). Went online and figured out my schedule then went to Nate's at 7. I was watching Food Challenge: Mac & Cheese (talk about stupid, but it was pretty addicting). We then went to the gym where we played basketball as a warmup then did chests x forearm x abs. We got real hungry and I took him to Ten Ren's so he could try something new. We ordered a ton of food, salt & pepper chicken, sweet & sour fish meal, beef noodle stew & 2 teas. After that, he came over and we watched Adult Swim on Cartoon Network till 12:30. He went home and I tried to sleep, but failed and just laid in bed. I'm stressed out about some stuff and I guess I overthink things.

Reminder to self: Call DG today or tomorrow (if closed), call BF after to combine shipment.

Picture Time (some new, some old)

TAKOYAKI! mom bought it from Nijiya Market, I put on the hot sauce & jap mayo. Looks sick, but it tasted alright.

Trippy? driving David's car around Botanical Gardens

It was too dry & too spicy. How I made it: Grill jalapenos, then put in onions, then other veges & chopped grilled chicken breast, then slice avocado on top.

Homemade sashimi! Is that TORO!?

Chop the live lobster to get fresh sashimi, put the rest in the hotpot!

New Years feast at home, kobe beef, sashimi & saki, the best!

Gift that I got Mari N. from China, the plush & the HK belt

It almost blinded my eyes, I cracked up when I saw this. There were several houses like this during December.

This is what hangs from my car. A cute little jean monkey I got from one of those claw machines in Taiwan.

Tacos Baja Ensanada in LA! ghetto but damn it was good. Their fish & shrimp tacos were bomb too.

Now for some T-Shirt designs!

Just something about it that I like..

I like this shirt, geisha with some fly kicks. "Expect the unexpected" $12? I want, but sadly I can't spend anymore.

new shirt, dissin Kanye. EMO IS DEAD. Found it to be amusing =)

This is such a nice fireplace design & setup, don't you think?

Song for today: Ya Boy ft. Dr. Hollywood - We Run LA

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